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8 Most Comfortable Office Chair Reviews in 2020

Are you looking for the most comfortable office chair? When you spend eight hours per day of your life at your job, it reflects a mandatory effect on your life as well. The desk job needs you consistently in a sitting position and when that is the case the office chair you choose matters a lot. Your office chair not only controls the stress and burden on your back but also is partially responsible for a correct posture.

People have become so much used to of an uncomfortable office chair that they have no idea what harm and injustice are they doing to themselves. This is the reason that we are going to discuss with you the features and qualities of the most comfortable office chairs and also the best ones present out there to sort it out for you.

Some people prefer high back office chairs, some prefer hardback and some want to go with a little softer one, it is all about your choice and this is the reason that the market is full of exquisite varieties of an office chair.

In addition to all this, a comfortable yet modern office chair adds a perky and modest approach to your office’s cabin. The sophisticated appearance requires a sophisticated choice when it comes to your office chair and simply that is why you can’t choose anything that you come across.

There are many queries and confusions that you face while searching the browser for a comfortable office chair, we’ll try to figure the maximum of them for you.

Features of a Comfortable Office Chair

Let us discuss with you some of the most prominent features of an office chair worth all of it.

1. The height of your office chair:

This is a debate that can never reach an end. What should be the best height for an office chair? The answer is that makes you feel comfortable and easier than before. It varies with your height and should be adjustable so that you can set it up after your heart.

We prefer that you should prefer such chair height that the seat doesn’t touch the tabletop and also you can easily touch the floor with your heels while sitting on the chair. In other words, there should be at least a 90-degree angle between your legs and the floor.

Similarly, you should find a two to three-finger gap between the seat and the back of your knees. The trick is to measure the length of your lower leg and this would sort out the best chair height for you.

2. Backrest:

The backrest of a comfortable office chair counts no less than a godsend for people with a long hour desk job. It is meant to provide basic support to the lumbar area of your back. Now again come two choices for you, the backrest may remain attached to the seat or it may exist independently without any attachment to the back part of the seat.

In both ways, the best choice is to find a good tuning, probably 12-19 inches width does more than enough. The backrest of a comfortable office chair depicts a strong apparatus that keeps it at the same angle for as long as you desire. This is the key to finding your favorite work chair.

3. Material and outer layer:

The hardest thing that people encounter is they may like the appearance of their office chair or how it complements their office or office desk, but the scene starts when the chair seat is pushed towards inside and loses its shape because of the cheap material.

This is the reason that we highly recommend you that to find a comfortable office chair you need to focus on the material of the padding too.

Moreover, such comfy chairs do possess moisture free and heat-dissipating material. Such material doesn’t let sweat and body heat accumulate in the padding and offers lesser growth of pollutants.

4. A comfortable armrest:

This is the thing that we often take for granted. A good armrest makes even the cheapest of the office chairs equal to branded ones. The armrest of the most comfortable office chair is always padded to enhance the thickness, is thick and specifically broad.

The comfort that we seek from a comfortable armrest is important as first of all it soothes our neck and shoulders. This is a godsend to those who are fond of reading and doing most of their work on laptops or handsets.

The stressed neck and sore shoulders can be a reason for a multitude of syndromes. Similarly, when we place our elbows and forearm on the armrest the relaxation on the lower back part does such a worth-mentioning role.

The broader the armrest is, the more comfort it gives.

5.The seat pan:

This is the part of the office chair you sit on and is a little more important than the others. There is a natural curve on the lower side of our back and when the seat pan isn’t correctly designed, this curve disappears with the passage of time and your lower back receives full force while you are sitting, and this, in turn, leads you to a long duration back pain.

The seat pan of the best office chair should be a little wide on both of the sides and there should be some extra space to adjust the room in case you want to tilt backward or forward.

6. Mobility:

Last but not least, what is the use of all these features when in the end you have to drag your office chair? This is why we suggest you look for mobility also, the wheels make this task a lot easier. All you have to do is just to slightly push the chair in the wanted direction and that is all.

The five-pointed base is also great when it comes to mobility, as it provides lighter mobility with a strong bearing force at the bottom section.

8 Most Comfortable Office Chairs in 2020

Most comfy office chairsFeaturesPrice
Smugdesk office chairMultifunctional with fluffy seat89.99$
Duramont Ergonomic Chair
Smooth mobility and easy installation166.33$
Furmax office chairWing-shaped and breathable padding79.99$
AmazonBasics Ergonomic chairLeather and PVC seat with strong caster wheels103$
Steelcase office chairMimics spine movement and can carry up to 400 pounds699.0$
Flash furniture desk chairVentilated backrest and microscopic technology105.06$
BestOffice ergonomic chairBifima certified and versatile usage89.99$
Serta works ergonomic chairPelvic centered technology and supple upholstery210.16$

1. Smugdesk office chair

Smugdesk office chair

This comfortable office chair is among the trending ones because of the extremely reliable lumbar support. The backrest is specifically for those who have got long hours of a desk job. The back can be tilted in both backward and forward direction hence you can adjust it as per your needs.

The next main thing about it is its seat pan which consists of thick padding and soft spongy material. The sponge is of high quality that remains intact even after a larger period and retains its shape easily.

One aspect that is worth-highlighting is that it has this durable outer layer that doesn’t absorb any sort of heat or sweat and in turn, transmits it. By purchasing this one you can surely eliminate that factor that causes infection and smell after sitting for long hours.

One thing that is always confusing about the office chairs is that how much weight they can exactly bear? This office chair can withstand almost 270lbs of weight which is astonishing.

Moreover, it is multifunctional as it comes in two modes

  • Pneumatic mode
  • Rocking mode

In pneumatic mode, you can easily raise or lower the seat while with the rocking mode all you have to do is just to pull the handle out to enjoy it as a rocking chair after such long duty hours and just pull it in when you are done.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional
  • Durable
  • Spongy seat
  • Easy to assemble


2. Duramont Ergonomic Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Chair

This one is perfect for all the choosy hands out there. The reason is that with this chair you can easily adjust all the settings like backward and forward tilt, the angle and depth of the lumbar support, the seat height and even the armrest height and distance from the seat, and mind it that these are just a few of the settings that we have named.

Unlike the traditional chairs, they have this mechanism that supports sweat-free back even after long duty hours. As it depends on the mesh material, the sweat and heat don’t get a chance to build up because of the small escape holes.

One pretty thing about this office chair is that it is a really good option for those who have got back pain and even for those who are at risk because of the nature of their jobs. All you have to do is just to order this chair and you can enjoy both modes of sitting up straight or enjoying the full backrest mode.

The Duramont office chair can easily carry a weight of around 330lbs which is huge. You can install it in eight steps effortlessly and just start enjoying the comfort right away. The caster wheels provide smooth mobility while the strong armrest and backrest give you feather-like vibes.

Key features:

  • Smooth mobility
  • Easy installation
  • Greater weight carrying ability
  • Infinite adjustable settings


3. Furmax office chair

Furmax office chair

We added this one because it has one of the most distinguishing features, the “wing-shaped” back. No other brand has come up with such a different design so it is eye-catching. Another important thing is that the fabric it uses is the authentic one as it has been certified by Bifima itself, so you need not worry about the wearing out of the outer skin.

The backrest entirely revolves around the mesh material which means easier working with lesser sweat and heat production than ever. The different thing here is that unlike every other brand, they don’t compromise let it be the seat quality or the fabric itself.

This comfy office chair can easily put up with a weight greater than 265lbs. Let us tell you one more thing that with all these features it is light to carry so you are good on both sides. The seat pan consists of heavy but breathable padding that gives you bouncy feeling but doesn’t absorb any sort of moisture.

Let us talk about the mobility feature, it has got 360-degree spinning wheels and 5-star sturdy base so you can easily drag it on the floor with a slight push.

The wing-back provides greater support and more relaxing vibes than ever. Now you can simply rest your back on the seat and lay all your weight on the backrest fearlessly.

Key features:

  • Wing-shaped back
  • Smooth wheeling mechanism
  • Breathable padding
  • Light-weight


4. AmazonBasics Ergonomic chair

AmazonBasics Ergonomic chair

This chair from AmazonBasics itself is in the best-selling ones. It is available in three vibrant and versatile colors which are black, brown and white. All three of them go crazy with any sort of office interior you are planning to have.

Let’s explain this to you first with the upholstery that it possesses. The upholstery is entire of black leather and PVC. All of us do realize that it is the first time PVC is mentioned here, it is because not everyone is using this material in their office chairs. PVC is very famous in dealing with the humid weather and excess of moisture and sweat. So if you are living in such conditions, it is the perfect solution for you.

The next aspect is that it is an all-rounder, as it isn’t specifically for office interior but fits your living lounge, or even your bedroom as well. As it is light-weight so you are safe with moving it throughout the day.

This one also comes with pneumatic seat adjustment, which is that you can easily raise or lower the seat while sitting on it. It can withstand a weight of as maximum as 275lbs.

You don’t have to drag it as the caster wheels provide heavenly mobility with their 360-degree spinning mechanism. With a stuffed and tight base, you can depend on it without any trouble.

Key features:

  • Leather and PVC
  • Three exquisite colors
  • Complements both office and home
  • Sturdy caster wheels


5. Steelcase office chair

Steelcase office chair

This one would amaze you in no time as it mimics your spine movement. Why is it important? Because rather than making your lumbar curve adjust to the seatback, this feature adjusts the backrest according to the dimensions of your lumbar curve.

It is available in such gorgeous and chic colors as Rogue, Meadow and even Barley, you just can’t take your hands off it.

This ergonomic chair can bear a splendid weight capacity which is around 400 pounds, and still with the telescopic feature you can adjust all the parts like armrest, backrest, and pivot just after your heart.

Let us end it with adorable stuff, it is environment-friendly as it consists of 30% of recyclable material.

Key features:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Mimics spine movement
  • Chic color range
  • Can bear up to 400 pounds


6. Flash furniture desk chair

Flash furniture desk chair

Let us just start praising it with a never-ending color range. The different thing about this one is that they have broken the stereotypes and rather than coming up with only one block color, they have got a combination of two colors of the backrest and the frame.

The ventilated backrest lets you relay on it without ending up with a wet shirt. It is ideal for those summer deadlines and tight schedules. The nylon base is worth trying at least once in your life.

With the little microscopic holes in the padding, you can have no problem with summer humidity and moisture after a long hour sitting.

Key features:

  • Available in more than 6 colors
  • Ventilation at backrest
  • Microscopic technology
  • Ideal for hot weather


7. BestOffice ergonomic chair

BestOffice ergonomic chair

This splendid office chair has the rocking feature in both backward and forward directions. The manufacturers claim that it takes only 10-15 minutes to install it and all the required parts even the minor ones come with the package.

The specialty of this chair is that it has got wider dimensions as compared to other high-budget chairs. Another worth-highlighting point is that it is ideal not only for office workers but also for the students, writers, etc.

The most underestimated thing about this ergonomic chair is that it acknowledges all these super-quality features and keeping it all legal, they are also certified from Bifima.

Key Features:

  • Bifima Certified
  • Wider than others
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile usage


8. Serta works ergonomic chair

Serta works ergonomic chair

Available in colors like chestnut and ivory, the Serta office chair follows a back in motion technology. This helps in relaxing your lumbar curve and promoting the better handling of pressure by the pelvis.

The headrest is fully stuffed with pillows to let you make all those observations by placing your head on a comfy cushion. Similarly, the armrests are wide and fluffy to let the tired body relax to the maximum.

This comes with breathable upholstery and reliable fabric skin.

Key features:

  • Elegant colors
  • Pelvic centered technology
  • Supple leather
  • Breathable upholstery


Top Queries about Comfortable Office Chair:

1. How should we sit on an ergonomic chair?

This is something that we all have to learn. The correct way to sit on an ergonomic chair. The first thing that should be kept in mind is that the lumbar support of any office chair is adjustable, so you should adjust it according to the lumbar curve of your back.

The lumbar curve is right at the belt point for women and above this point for men. This leads to the right pressure applied at the right point.

This is how you will use that tiny cushion that is present on the backrest of your chair to let your lumbar curve relax for a while.

In addition to this, we will give you an easy tip, do keep in mind to have your thighs perpendicular to the floor and legs parallel to it, to learn the correct posture.

2. Are mesh office chairs better?

The mesh chairs bring with them an eternal debate that either they are the better office chairs or not? The most non-biased answer is it depends on the buyer himself.

We have emphasized the importance of the lumbar curve above, these mesh chairs do provide the lumbar support but it either wearies out with time or the constant support on the backrest raises your body level from the seat pan and ultimately the lumber curve comes in the target.

The biggest problem that overcomes all their pros is that they often possess hard edges. It is more hurting when you are used to sitting more on the front spectrum by placing your elbows on the desk. Their hard edge again targets your lumbar curve and can also disturb the blood flow to legs and thighs.

These mesh chairs are a good option who don’t have to sit all day long but for a few hours only. They inevitably are a good option for temporary comfort.

3. Where should lumbar support be on an office chair?

The location of lumbar support varies with every chair. As it is always adjustable so you need not worry about the whole correct measurement stuff.

Still, the ideal location for the lumbar support is to perfectly fit your lumbar curve as the hand fits in the glove. One tip to know this is to make sure that your feet touch the ground.

Your posture should be such that your back isn’t slouched and straight following the backrest and the ninety-degree tip we shared with you in the section above.

4. What should be the ideal weight of a comfortable office chair?

The weight of your office chair again varies with the size and the company you choose. The ideal weight is somewhere between 22 and 27kg for most of the office chairs available in the market.

However, a good and standard comfortable office chair can be as heavy as 113 kg, which is quite considerable.

After all, you don’t have to fuss over dragging your office chair because of the wheels available or the multi-pointed tip, so weight should be the last thing on the discussion list.

5. Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Now, this conversation is becoming interesting on the whole. The gaming chairs are designed to be flashy and chic, comfort is the second thing that comes on their list. On the other hand, our office chairs carry comfort as the first aspect and style or design comes on the second.

Frequently what we see in the market is that consumers go gaga over the gaming chairs as they feel that they are more comfortable and cost fewer dollars. This is not something you can depend on while going on your way to purchase yourself a comfortable chair.

It is because the office chairs that come at the same price as the gaming chairs aren’t that comfortable too. So this means that the thing that matters is your budget because both chairs at the same price provide you with the same partially comfortable experience.

The office chairs are decent, sophisticated and depict a modest approach while gaming chairs are usually flashy, vibrant and chic. Each one of them is to enhance the decorum it belongs to.

6. What is the easiest way to choose a good office chair?

There are many tips and tricks to go with the best office chair. Let us just put them all together for you. The first thing should be a high backrest without which the office chair isn’t even worth looking at.

Then comes the lumbar support that is the central core of the office chair’s mechanism. If it is malfunctioning, then you need not invest your money in any such chair, because the lumbar support is meant to last for the longest of them all.

This brings us to our next concern which is that before buying your office chair, you should try to place your arms on the armrest. If while doing so, you shrug your shoulders then it certainly isn’t for you. The correct one provides full arm placement with shoulder relaxation.

7. What should be the final verdict on seat cushioning and upholstery?

Starting with the seat cushioning, first of all, it should be soft enough so that your lower body doesn’t have to face that much pressure. It also saves you from the lower back pain and enhances the weight distribution on both sides evenly.

Moreover, it should be thick enough so that you can sit on it for a longer time. It is quite understandable because people go for office chairs when they have got a long desk job duration, then at least the portion of the chair you sit on should be comfortable and thick enough to cope with this.

Upholstery is always preferable when it is of breathable material and lets the sweat and heat of the body escape easily. This is the major difference because cheap upholstery provides an incredible growth of bacteria and results in the sooner decaying of the material as well.

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