Best Gaming Chairs for Big And Tall People

8 Best Gaming Chairs for Big And Tall People

Are you looking for the gaming chairs for big and tall people? It is highly probable that you are looking for a comfortable sitting chair if you are a gamer. One of the greatest challenges that a gamer faces is finding a comfortable chair that can allow him/her to play the game with ease. Often it’s difficult to game simply sitting on your regular home couch. That is where a gaming chair can be increasingly effective. It will allow you to play your favorite game in leisure and utmost of comfort. No longer will you have to adjust your own stance and sitting style or fidget around. A gaming chair provides maximum mobility without any compromise on comfort.

But it is a different thing to find an appropriate gaming chair if you are a tall person. Most gaming chairs are unable to facilitate and accommodate taller individuals as their body mass and length are much greater. Their dimensions fall short in this regard. There are certain things to consider before you buy a gaming chair if you consider yourself a tall person. These considerations are:

How to choose Gaming Chair for Tall Individuals

1.    The Dimensions:

The First thing is first indeed. You need to gauge the dimensions of a chair prior to purchasing it. Assess the length, width and overall girth of the chair before you buy it. Only buy the one that seems capable and spacey enough to accommodate your long legs.

2.    Durability:

The second thing that you need to consider before buying a gaming chair is its durability. The chairs that are designed for taller people should evince a higher level of tolerance as well. You want to purchase the one that can weather your weight and not buckle under said stress.

3.    Reviews:

It pays to cogitate upon your decision prior to purchase. It is best that you consult with others over a potential choice. Reach out on the internet and read some reviews. Go for those reviews that have been made by satisfied users. The gaming chair that holds the most satisfying reviews should be in your final choice margin.

4.    Budget:

The final, and perhaps most important, thing to consider is your budget. Gaming chairs can set you back in regards to economic standing. So, check the price tag and go for one that is commensurate to your spending capability. You don’t want to overspend and you don’t want to not spend lower than you want either. Give special attention to this aspect before you make a decision.

8 Best Gaming Chairs for Tall People

Best Gaming Chairs for Tall PeopleFeaturesPrice
DXRacer DOH/TS29/NB Tank Series Tall and Big ChairContains material that is patent race car breathable in nature$ 634.97
SecretLab Titan & Titan XLComes with integrated lumbar support that is adjustable as well$ 469
AKRacing ProXFeatures superior cushioning and weight support$ 499.47
DXRacer King SeriesFeatures 360 degree full swivel base and casters of 3” for convenient rolling$ 768.99
Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Gaming ChairIt contains a steel frame that boasts industrial-level strength and durability$ 579.99
GTracing Ergonomic Office ChairThis chair is made from high quality and long-lasting material$ 133.99
Ficmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming ChairIt comes with full steel framework and a strong wheelbase$ 237.73
Furmax PU Leather Executive Gaming ChairIt has got Pneumatic seat height adjustment feature$ 96.99

There are literally hundreds of gaming chairs to choose from. But the situation is a bit tricky when it comes to gaming chairs for tall people. There may be many options available but you still need to narrow down to the more effective ones. We have got you covered if you consider yourself to be a tall individual and want a gaming chair. Below are mentioned some of the best gaming chairs available for tall people on the market. Peruse and decide for yourself as to which one matches your requirements:

1. DXRacer DOH/TS29/NB Tank Series Tall and Big Chair

DXRacer Tank Series Tall and Big Chair

This is by far the best and reigning champion when it comes to Gamin chairs. This chair is the best gaming chair for you if you are a tall individual. It is spacious and large enough to house even the tallest of users with ease. This item is qualitatively refined, durable and highly functional. It serves to impress with its stellar appearance and exceptional features.  The design is eye-catching and seems to exude the attribute of “Capacity” in earnest. You can easily fit in this chair with ease. Your weight and height will certainly not be an issue.

The design of this chair is highly ergonomic and also comes with a comfortable headrest and lumbar cushion as well. The material of this chair is immensely breathable. It is made from DXRacer’s patented race car material. This chair comes with a backrest that is extra high In order to better facilitate taller people. This allows for more comfortable positioning for the neck and spinal column. The seat’s back is flexible and fully adjustable. The arms of this chair are adjustable on a 4D Level, whatever that means, and come with protection for shoulders and wrists as well. This chair comes with a 24-month warranty for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the frame. This shows that the company places customer facilitation above all else.

Go for this option without a doubt if you are looking for quality and performance. This chair will not let you down. However, the only drawback that this chair poses is its lofty price tag. Still, if you are looking for a supremely comfortable chair that is amazing and aesthetically alluring, then this is the one for you.

We give this chair a rating of 9.0/10.


2. SecretLab Titan & Titan XL

SecretLab Titan Titan XL

This Gaming chair is an excellent addition to the category and the best part is that it’s totally supportive of taller individuals as well. The lumbar support that this chair comes with is totally adjustable and has been integrated into the overall design effectively. You can adjust the lumbar support in accordance with your needs and requirements.

All you have to do is turn the knob and get the desired positioning. The casters of this seat are extra-large and are composed of highly breathable and durable material. This PU rubber coating that it contains is very compatible and friendly for all kinds of surfaces. The quality of this gaming chair is very high and the design itself is inspired by race car seats.

The seat of this chair has been created to conform to the contours of the human body effectively and comfortably. The design doesn’t compromise on ergonomics as well. This seat can easily support all the weight that is imparted upon it so you don’t have to worry about weight issues here. The chair and its upholstery are durable, breathable and attractive. If you are looking for a chair that can easily house long legs and tall individuals then this is the one for you.

We are giving this chair an 8.5/10.


3. AKRacing ProX

AKRacing ProX

This is one gaming chair that any gamer can appreciate. This chair has been made especially for those gamers that spend hours and hours in front of their console of choice. This is one gaming chair that has been much in demand by those gamers that sport a taller and wider physique. This can be owed to its highly durable steel frame which makes it safe for even the most heavyset gamer. The backrest of this gaming chair is totally adjustable and affords gamers countless mobility options when they are sitting in this chair.

This chair includes a gas lift with a class 4 rating. This gas lift is very much resilient and strong and the 5-star base that this chair contains is durable to the max as well. The seating that this chair contains has been made from is very high in density. This means that this gaming chair, and its seating, will not depress easily even after countless hours of usage. The armrests of this chair are profoundly adjustable as well and can be moved on a 4-D, or four-directional, level. You can angle and position this chair in accordance with your preference easily.

This chair possesses a prominent advantage over its competitors. That is the fact that this chair is many times larger and more voluminous than other gaming chairs on the market. This means that it will be able to house larger and taller gamers with ease. It will also provide them ample room for moving around. This chair contains a weight capacity of 330lbs at a minimum but can support more as well. That is why it has gained such popularity in such a short time.

We are going to give this chair a rating of 8.0/10.


4. DXRacer King Series

DXRacer King Series

This gaming chair series by DXRacer is one that possesses a larger and diverse collection range. This series holds a nifty and prominent advantage over the other ones by the same manufacturer. That is the factor that the King series contains those chairs that are equipped with heavy-duty wheels and a wider and more spacious seat. This seat is wide and large enough to accommodate even the most corpulent and tallest of gaming enthusiasts. The weight capacity of this chair is 181kg or 400lbs. This capacity makes it adequate for its appointed task. That is precisely why this chair is such a hit with any users.

This chair comes with a hydraulic system that is immensely efficient and solid in functioning. It’s well-constructed and durable build allows the king series gaming chair to remain strong and usable even after months of perpetual use.

The armrests that come with this chair are very much effective as well. They can be lowered, raised, rotated inwards and outwards, slid backward and forwards with extreme smoothness and ease. This amazing armrest technology by DXRacer is one of the defining features of this chair and sets it apart from the rest. You can use it for your certain satisfaction.

So keep this chair in your choice margin if you are a tall gamer and are looking for a gaming chair. This is an overall decent gaming chair and will be able to accommodate you and your height quite effectually.

We are giving this chair an 8.5/10.


5. Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

Vertagear P-Line PL6000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

This gaming chair evinces a weight capacity of about 440lbs which is simply appropriate for any weight type. The dimensions of this chair are pretty wide too. It exhibits dimensions of about 19.7 x 19.7 x 55.1 inches. These dimensions and weight capacity place this chair in the upper and a bit more expensive ones of its category. This is one of the most efficient and compatible gaming chairs for taller gamers. In fact, it has been reviewed by many as being the “Best one” for taller individuals.

This chair has been designed while keeping tall and bulky gamers in view. The best part about this chair is the range of colors and designs in which it is available. For instance, it is currently available in 9 colors. This means that you can choose the color that appeals to your taste. Plus, it’s pretty lightweight and weighs about only 63lbs. this is very much impressive as despite this light-weight it still manages to support weights up to 440lbs. the design of this chair has been done in such a way that it appears of a high and refined class. This is especially eminent when you compare its design with other chairs of the same category.

That is why we are going to give this chair a 9.0/10.


6. GTracing Ergonomic Office Chair

GTracing Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair has got spacious dimensions. It has got a length of 20.86”, a width of 48.82” and a height of 48.82”-51.97”. The area for sitting sports ample room as well. It has got dimensions of 15.35” in regards to length and 19.68” in width. Combine this with a weight capacity of 300 to 330lbs and you have got a winner on your hands. This is an excellent gaming chair and doubles as an appropriate chair for use in office settings as well.

It is made from high quality and premium materials that give it durability and strength that is incredible. It is a multi-functional gaming chair and can cater to the demands of bulky, short, and tall gamers without any predicament. It’s design and composition make this a chair for all types of bodies.

This chair is available in four different colors and contains a unique design that unifies across the whole chair. The functioning of this chair is amazing and will thrill users to no end. The backrest of this chair is fully adjustable and contains a safety angle ranging between 90 to 170 degrees. The armrest and the seat height are also fully adjustable as well. The material is sturdy and strong and the price affordable. This is a chair for everyone and is especially attractive for those gamers who are on a budget.

We are giving this chair a rating of 7.5/10.


7. Ficmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Ficmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The weight capacity of this chair is 300 to 330lbs and the dimensions are about 33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches. This makes this a gaming chair that is totally appropriate for taller individuals. This gaming chair by Ficmax is a piece of art in as such that it boasts a unique and eye-catching design. Its features and weight capacity put it on par with some of the greatest names in the industry.

This chair allows for excellent scope in regards to choice. That is because it comes in 9 various colors so that you can opt for the one that matches your aesthetical sense. It provides a specialized and unique experience in comfort and mobility. This can be owed to the plush and thick cushions that it contains in the headrest and on the lumbar support area. The armrests of this chair are also wide and thick and contain a shape that is ergonomically correct. The seat cushion is large and the back of the chair is fully adjustable as well. The same goes for this seat’s footrest as well.

An amazing feature of this chair is the free USB Electric massager that it contains. This really enhances the comfort factor of this chair.

We are giving this chair a 7/10.


8. Furmax PU Leather Executive Gaming Chair

Furmax PU Leather Executive Gaming Chair

The maximum weight capacity of this chair is about 280 to 330lbs. the dimensions of the seating area itself are about 19.7” in width and 19.1” in diameter. The backrest boasts dimensions of 18.1” in width and 29.6” in height. The height of the seat can be adjusted in accordance with dimensions of 16.7” to 19.9”. This gaming chair by Furmax contains a weight capacity that is well beyond 300lbs which is a good thing.

This makes this a chair for the larger and taller gamers. The chair is made from polyurethane and uses the latter as its main material. The material is remarkable in appearance and is totally maintenance-free. The overall look of this material is unique as it resembles high-quality leather in appearance. This might be a problem as it means that buildup of sweat might become an issue after prolonged gaming sessions.

It also means that in summer the material may become too hot and in winter it may become too cold. But if you can move beyond these minor issues then you will be satisfied indeed. That is because this chair holds a great promise of comfort and efficiency for those taller and bulkier gamers.

We are giving this chair a rating of 7/10.


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