Best Purple Gaming Chair Reviews

8 Best Purple Gaming Chair Reviews with Buying Guide

For the youth of this era, a well-spent evening is the one when they sit on a comfortable chair for long hours and play their favorite games. The rage of games is spreading like a wildfire, and kids, teens, and adults are getting under it with great speed. There is no denying the fact that whenever one starts playing his favorite game, he forgets the track of the time. He doesn’t even realize when the evening passed, night arrived, and the morning dawned. It is only when the back start breaking that the gamer realizes about the amount of time he has spent playing games in an uncomfortable position. In such a situation, a comfortable gaming chair appears to be a life savior.

Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They offer various features to the users and can be bought according to the most desirable feature for the user. Some of the major benefits of having a gaming chair are:

1.     Comfort over everything

It is a usual phenomenon for gamers to have to deal with chronic back pain when they spend many hours playing their favorite games. Sitting at one spot and not realizing how much time has passed by since they started their game. A gaming chair that provides comfort to the player, in such a situation, appears to be the most valuable asset a player can ever possess. A good quality gaming chair reduces all kinds of back pains, chronic or light, of the gamer, and makes it possible for the user to mitigate his headache as well. Along with this, the tension at the neck and the shoulders are also ameliorated if a gamer plays games while sitting on a comfortable gaming chair.

2.     Posture improvement

Apart from providing the gamer with the facility of having a comfortable gaming session, a gaming chair also provides its users with the facility of improving their posture. The backrest of a good quality chair is well tapered, which makes it possible for the user to have good support for his back. If the chair comes with high cushions, it is even better as it gives a good alignment to the user’s body parts.

3.     Increased energy levels

Playing games while sitting in an uncomfortable posture may cause a variety of problems. One of these problems is the reduction of energy levels felt by the gamer. A good gaming chair reduces the chances of this problem occurring. Playing games while sitting on a good quality chair keeps a person energetic and enhances his energy levels.

Gamers who are always inclined towards pleasing aesthetics look forward to buying a gaming chair that gives a good aura to the room in which it is placed. Most of the people find it difficult to choose a chair of a particular color, especially purple. If you are looking forward to buying a purple gaming chair but can’t seem to find any, here are a few options you can consider.

8 Best Purple Gaming Chair Reviews with Buying Guide

NameDimensionsCapacityBest feature
Vitesse Purple Recliner23.6” L × 19.3” W300 LBSWater-resistant seat
Vertagear TSM Racing Series Gaming Chair23 x 52 x 22 inche330lbsPUC Synthetic Faux Leather
Vitesse Cheap Lilac Gaming Chairs23 x 45 x 18 inches310 LBSExtremely affordable
AKRACING Core Series Premium Chair25.6 x 23.6 x 59.1 inches 330 lbs3D armrest feature
GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Lumbar Support20.47 x 22.44 x 50 inches350 lbsTilt Locking mechanism
VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair27.6 x 22.4 x 49.6 inches300 lbs built-in USB-powered electric massager
Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair33.5 x 20.6 x 44.8 inches280 LBSSuppressible footrest
ELECWISH Video Game Chair25.74”*23.4”*46.5”-49.6330lbsSupportive and removable headrest
  1. Vitesse Purple Recliner For Gaming

Vitesse Purple Recliner For Gaming 

One of the most sought after recliner that a gamer can opt for is the Vitesse Purple recliner. The purple color, in which it is painted, provides it with an aura that a viewer can not switch his eyes. It can be placed wherever needed and it adds to the beauty of the space manifold.

However, a good hue is not the only reason to buy it. Along with a good design and solid color, the chair comes with a headrest, which is not only modern but extremely comfortable at the same time. It has lumber support, which adds to the comfort level felt by the person sitting on it. Nonetheless, even if a person comes home after strenuous physical activity, sitting on the chair would make him feel relaxed

The material used in the manufacturing of this chair makes it a long-lasting one. Thus, it can be said that the gamer doesn’t have to buy this chair time and again, it turns out to be a one-time purchase. The seat of the chair has an extra filling of the sponge, which adds to the comfort offered by this gaming chair. The leather used is also quite a durable one. The surface of this chair is waterproof, which means a spillage of fluid won’t affect it.

Adjustment and assembling of the chair are extremely stress-free. The package comes with an instructions manual and following the manual makes the assembly very quick. The maximum time one needs to assemble this chair is ten minutes.


  • Made of highly Resilience Sponge
  • Made of premium Material
  • Extra Storage Side Bag
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Water-resistant


  • The color is too dark for a lightroom


2. Vertagear TSM Racing Series Gaming Chair

Vertagear TSM Racing Series Gaming Chair

The Vertagear gaming chair is a blessing for the gamers who love to play racing games. The features that it comes with make it one of the best options to opt for while playing racing consoles. Although it is made up of PVC leather, it is to be noted here that the material used in the manufacturing of this product is of premium quality. It is durable as well as water-resistant. In order to clean a spot from the chair, all one needs to do is to wipe it off using a slightly wet cloth.

The design, as well as the functionality of this gaming chair, are class apart. No matter where this chair is placed, it adds to the aura of the space. Owing to the design that it comes with, it is possible for it to provide a greater level of support to the gamers. It is feasible to recline the chair back and stretch for some time. The excessive shoulder, as well as lumbar support, make it a worth-having product.

A heavy-duty aluminum used in the manufacturing of the product makes it a long-lasting and durable product. Thus, one doesn’t have to buy it repeatedly.


  • Comes with additional accessories
  • The lumbar support adds to the comfort of the user
  • A headrest pillow is attached with the seat
  • Can be tilted back for extra comfort
  • A long-lasting and durable option
  • Made of a resilient foam
  • The backrest can be adjusted well


  • A bit pricy


3. Vitesse Lilac Gaming Chair

Vitesse Lilac Gaming Chair 

If light colors are what you like, this Vitesse Lilac Gaming Chair may turn out to be just the right item to opt for. Considering the color that it comes with, one can say that it is a good option for a bright room, that already has too much of the showy stuff. A light-colored, lilac, game chair would surely be a great addition. Along with this, one major reason why people go for this chair is the low price with which it can be attained. Compared to all the other options available to the gamer, this gaming chair is surely the cheapest one possible.

However, the low price doesn’t mean low quality. This gaming chair comes with as many features as one can expect from it. It can be reclined back. This means that, while playing the game, one can lean back on the chair and relax for a while.

The Vitesse lilac chair comes with great durability. It is surely a long-lasting option, and one doesn’t have to buy a relining lilac chair time and again. This is owing to the heavy-duty steel that is used as its backbone. However, steel doesn’t mean that the chair is sturdy and uncomfortable. Rather, the leather used to wrap it is skin-friendly. It can also be cleaned well using a wet cloth, which surely makes life much easier. The height of the chair can also be adjusted according to the height of the gamer sitting on it.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easily available
  • Well manufactured
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Made of sturdy aluminum alloy
  • Can be reclined back


  • Doesn’t go well with a lot of room coloring


4. AKRACING Core Series Premium Chair

AKRACING Core Series Premium Chair

The AKRACING series chair for gaming comes with the option of good quality leather for the gamers. A high-quality leather means a product that provides its users with as much comfort as possible. The PU leather utilized in the manufacturing of this chair is used both in the front as well as the back of the chair.

Thus, the chair looks extremely stylish as well as sophisticated. People who are always skeptical about the leather going rotten with time, there is an option by the company to provide the users with a warranty of five years. This warranty makes it possible for the user to get the leather changed even if it gets rotten with time.

The headrest of the chair is adjustable.  This means that according to the height of the user, he can adjust the cushion and make himself even more comfortable. The ergonomics added to the chair further add to the comfort offered to the gamers sitting on it. Alongside, the armrests are 3D, which means that they can move in three directions; left, right and up. The chair is made with a steel frame that is painted in black color. This color is anti-corrosive, which makes it a long-lasting product.


  1. Comes with a five years warranty
  2. Made with a metal frame
  3. Provides excessive comfort to the gamer
  4. Comes with a 3D armrest feature
  5. Can be rocked around while playing the game
  6. Can recline to 180 degreed


  • A bit expensive


 5. GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair

GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair

GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair is designed in an orthopedically manner, which means that good quality and heavy support is offered to anyone who finds it difficult to sit straight and play for longer durations. A higher level of comfort is offered with the help of a headrest pillow, which makes it worth having a product for comfort lovers.

The gas cylinders offered are adjustable owing to the gas spring that is a part of it. The stylish design of this gaming chair is also a feature that garners a lot of attention from the customers. No matter one buys it for the office or the home, it surely is one of the best additions to space.

Gamers who like to play a variety of games can get maximum advantage from this chair, as it can mimic the game that one has chosen. It will put up the façade of a racing game chair when needed, and sober soccer when required. Thus, a combination of comfort and style makes it one of the best options available for gamers.


  • Height adjustment mechanism
  • Made of high-quality aluminum
  • The leather material used is synthetic
  • Can keep the load of up to 120 kg
  • Comes with caster wheels
  • You can move it around
  • Armrest comes with a 4D adjustment


  • A little expensive


6. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair 

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair is a product that is loved by the youth owing to the fact that it can be swiveled to 360 degrees. While playing online games, the users can easily move around for the sake of fun and recreation, and also to move around and perform a quick task.

Along with this, this particular game aids in ensuring a proper adjustment of the height of the seat, the angle of the back as well as the height of the arm. Thus, by utilizing this adjustment method, the gamer can easily enhance his level of comfort by changing the adjustments according to the requirement of the moment.

Another major reason why people opt for this game is the electric massager that is built-in in this chair. By reclining back and turning on the USB electric massager, one can extract out the maximum level of comfort.

The footrest that comes with this gaming chair is also quite worth having features when it comes to talking about a comfortable chair. You can take this footrest out whenever needed and can adjust it to that place through the locking method. The manufacturing company has created this product using a metal frame, which ensures it is a long-lasting and durable item.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Comes with a footrest
  • The steel frame makes it a durable product
  • Can recline to 360 degrees
  • Comes with a massager feature


  • Assembling the chair is a bit tough


7. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair 

Homall Gaming Chair is the chair that can be used both in the home as strictly a gaming chair, as well as an office chair. As it is extremely comfortable, one can say that it is a good option for a gamer. The one thing that attracts the gamer the most is the cool design it has.

A patchwork, along with some embroidery and stitching, sets it apart from other options available. The colors utilized in the making of this chair contrast with each other, which adds to the beauty of this product. If you have an inclination for the color purple, you can easily get this chair in the said color.

Owing to the ergonomic design that it comes with, one can say that it adds to the comfort level offered to the gamer. The backrest comes with a reclining feature, and one can easily move back and relax after a strenuous session of work or gaming. Along with this, you can adjust the height of the chair, both automatically as well as with the help of the extra cushion that comes with it.


  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Extremely delighting design and style
  • Can be used both in-office and home
  • Provides with a warranty of one year
  • ergonomics design
  • a solid make


  • The footrest is a bit uncomfortable


8.  Elecwish Computer Gaming Chair

Elecwish Computer Gaming Chair

Elecwish computer gaming chair is made of a sturdy steel frame, which ensures it is a long-lasting product. The wheels that are used in the making of this product are composed of a nylon base, which further adds to the durability of this chair. The comfort level offered to the buyer by this company enhances manifold owing to the lumber pillows that come with it. It adds to the support given to the body.

With a warranty of one year, it is easier for the buyer to trust the company much more. The customer support offered by the company is also extremely quick, as the answers are given in just a day. The shipping is also quick and the package comes with five layers, which reduces the chances of any kind of damage to it.

The gamer can adjust the seat’s height well according to his comfort. Alongside, the footrest, that the gamer has to take out himself, can be locked.


  • Well designed and stylish looks
  • A long-lasting product
  • Can be adjusted well according to the height of the user
  • The headrest, pillow and lumbar support add to the comfort


  • A bit difficult to adjust



Having a gaming chair that is comfortable and stylish at the same time is one of the best features to opt for when it comes to buying a chair. However, one has to select the right one according to the budget the user has in his mind.

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